Java-Robots Introduction

What is JRobots?

   Java-Robots is a unique type of game. It is not played in real-time and there is no user interface. Instead, robots are programmed before the game starts, and these robots run in a competition. The challenge is to create the a robot program that can destroy its opponents.

   The game can be enjoyed by nerds everywhere, but the goal is to entertain programmers. Beginning to advanced programmers can show off their skills and create custom robots using the Java™ programming language. New robots can be programmed from scratch, or modified from the example robots provided by the system.

Brief history

   JRobots has several ancestors including ASMRobots, CRobots, PRobots, and TCLRobots. All were programming games based on the same concept. Much of JRobots was stolen from Tom Poindexter and his creations. Robots from PRobots and CRobots can be easily converted to JRobots. The sample programs, the programming process, and the screen design are stolen from these previous programs.

Ways to Play

    JRobots can be run inside a Java™ enabled web browser, or as an applet using Sun Microsystems Java Development Kit(JDK). This is necessary to create or modify robot programs. In the future, large scale competitions could be played across the web using different robot sets. These games could be saved for later viewing or seen in real time via a webcast.

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